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2014 NCAA Tournament Proves Free-Throw Shooting is a Difference Maker


The first two rounds of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament are in the books, and free throw shooting once again proved to be the difference in quite a few games.

New NCAA Men's Basketball Rules Increase Shooting Opportunities

Basketball with Crowd

Statistics Show a Rise in NCAA Men's Basketball Shooting Opportunities

Before the current men’s college basketball season, the NCAA tweaked its rules to allow for more offensive freedom in hopes of increased scoring after Division I teams averaged 67.5 points per game in 2012-13. That figure was the lowest scoring average since 1981-82 when teams averaged 67.6 points per game. Scoring had been on a decline for the past four seasons at the Division I level.

White Hall High School Utilizes Noah Community

White Hall High School

White Hall High School Tracks Shooting Improvements with Noah Community Website

“I started shooting on it, and I realized ‘this is something that can really help basketball. I also realized that I didn’t want any other school in our conference to have one.” - Coach Marc Stringer

Throughout Arkansas for the past several years, White Hall High School has been known for its prowess with a bat and a ball. The Bulldogs have won the state championship in softball (2012, 2013) and baseball (2012).

UVA Coach, Tony Bennett, Endorses Noah Basketball

Tony Bennett profile

Tony Bennett, University of Virginia Head Men's Basketball Coach, Endorses Noah Basketball

“But it’s impossible to dispute Noah because the proof is there, and the feedback is immediate. That’s when the body starts to self-correct.

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How to Win A Noah Instant for your School!

Win a Noah

Win A Noah INSTANT For Your School!

In the Fall and Spring we put on a Win a Noah Contest for basketball programs that host a Noah Shooting Clinic. This contest gives our clinic attendees a chance to win a FREE Noah Basketball System for their basketball program. Schools will automatically gain an entry into the Noah Contest when they host a Noah Basketball Shooting Clinic. They will also gain an entry for every parent or booster who attends the shooting clinic. Naturally, the school with the most entries into the contest will have the largest chance to Win a System for their basketball program. So, what are some other steps you can take to increase your school's chances to Win a Noah Instant? Below is a list of tips you can follow that will gain your team more entries into the contest. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We wish the best of luck to all our Win a Noah Contestants!

Midnight Madness!


Let the Madness Begin!

Midnight Madness…it is the moment all basketball players and fans have been waiting for since the buzzer sounded at the end of the National Championship game on April 8.

The Worst Free-Throw Shooters in NBA History


In one of our first blogs we stated that NBA free-throw shooting percentages have been constant at about 75 percent since 1958. This seems low considering that we’re talking about professionals who are paid well to score points. Whatever the reason—mental block, confidence issues, or shooting techniques—the fact remains it’s been 55 years since free-throw percentages improved considerably. For every Mark Price, there’s a Shaquille O’Neal.

Download your Copy of the Noah Basketball Magazine

Noah Magazine

Hey Everyone,

Noah Basketball Launches NEW Community Website!

Noah Community

Dear Noah Instant Customers, 

Noah Basketball Shooting Workouts and Drills

Dribble Moves Shooting Drill

Basketball Workouts and Drills

The last few weeks we have been adding new workouts and shooting drills to our website, blog, and even to our Shooting Drills Manual. Today we have added a new workout to our growing list and would love to share it with you. Below is a video and description of a Sessional Workout that incorporates Noah Basketball Shooting Aids. This workout is designed to improve basketball shooting through the instant verbal feedback of the Noah System. Try this workout with your team and let us know the improvements your players experience.

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