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Basketball Shooting Drills V.S. Shooting Drills with Noah Basketball!


Basketball Shooting Drills with Noah Basketball

Everyone knows the importance of practicing and perfecting basketball drills. It is a terrific Basketball Shooting Drillsway to practice and improve as a player and as a team. The constant, rigorous and sometime tedious drills can help develop muscle memory, hone basketball fundamentals, build team work and trust, and cultivate reflexes. Although practicing basketball shooting drills can improve you and your team as shooters, can they help you reach the next level as a player? Can they help you reach your full potential as a shooter?

Practicing Basketball Shooting Drills with the Wrong Arc

If you practice and hone the same shot over and over again with the same incorrect arc and incorrect shot depth you will never reach your full potential as a shooter. As proven by our research and as mentioned in previous blogs, only 1 in 11 high school players are shooting with the correct basketball shooting arc and shot depth. That means only 9% of players in high school are shooting correctly. When you run drill after drill and you practice the same flat shot your muscles are only going to remember that flat shot. basketball shootingUnfortunately, your body will learn to repeat that same flat shot every time you pick up a ball. Whether you’re at the three-point line in the beginning of a game or the free-throw line with the last few seconds ticking away, wouldn’t you rather have a shooter who is confident and has established the muscle memory to shoot the correct shot?   If your player does not understand their shot and the fundamentals and physics behind it they will continue practicing the wrong shot and will continue to build the wrong muscle memory.

Basketball Shooting Drills with Noah Teaches Correct Shooting

Incorporating Noah Basketball Shooting Aids into your drills will give players the feedback they need to correct their shot and build the correct muscle memory. A player who has shot a flat arc for many years or shot too short into the basket can retrain their muscles to shoot the perfect 45 degree arc and perfect shot depth.  With the Instant feedback players hear the exact arc they are shooting and instantly know if they shot the ball too high or too flat. They train and practice these basketball shooting drills while hearing the Noah system give instant feedback of a perfect 45 degree arc. It not only trains them to shoot the correct shot from the free throw or 3 point line in practice, but in the heated moments of an actual game.  The muscle memory will take over and they will be able to repeat that same correct shot with confidence when it counts the most and knock down shots.


Noah Basketball Shooting Drills

Over the years we have had many coaches share their basketball shooting drills with us and how they use the Noah system to improve their shooting. By following the link you can see and watch many of the shooting drills that have been shared with us. You can also subscribe to us on YouTube to receive notifications of any new drills we post. We will continue updating our drills as new ones come in. If you have a drill of your own you would like to share e-mail us at or send us a comment here on our blog.







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