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Noah Basketball Clinics Scheduled Across the Country!


Basketball Clinics the Noah Way

Basketball ClinicsNoah Basketball is now scheduling basketball clinics all across the United States for the fall of 2012. This year has been bigger than ever as floods of clinic request have started filling our calendars. We are so excited to get on the courts and share what we have learned about basketball shooting with all these great teams.  But before we get deeper into this blog Noah Basketball would like to thank every coach and school that has taken the time to request a shooting clinic with us. We know you will enjoy the clinic just as much as we will.

So, one of the first questions we get from coaches, parents and players are “What exactly is a Noah Shooting Clinic?” Let’s start there!

Noah Basketball Shooting Clinics?

Noah Basketball Shooting Clinics are 100% FREE and 100% NO OBLIGATION.  As hard as this is to believe it is completely true, there is no catch. Once your clinic is scheduled a Noah Representative will come to YOUR school, in YOUR Gym, to work with YOUR players. You don’t have to travel anywhere! The representative will come to your gym and set up his Noah Instant System and every one of your players will get to shoot on the Noah System. The Noah system will analyze every shot taken giving each player critical information about their shot.  They will learn about their shooting arc, shooting depth, and skillRoddy Arc Plot level. Each player will receive a printout of their ‘Arc Plot’ that looks like the one seen here. The ‘Arc Plot’ will break down their shooting session allowing the players to see every shot. Last but not least, the player will receive an objective ranking that grades their skill level as a shooter.   A Builder I being the lowest and a Master being the highest (See attached plot of Roddy Beubois of the Dallas Mavericks ranked as a Master). To learn more about Noah’s Shooting Skill Levels follow the link here.

After each player has shot, our Noah representative will give a presentation explaining the arc plots and some of the research we have conducted on the science of basketball shooting. They will dive into why your basketball shooting arc is so important and why it has such a major impact on your shooting percentage.   Finally the Noah representative will bring the players back out on the court and have them shoot with the Noah instant verbal feedback.  You will be amazed at the immediate improvement after only a few shots with the Noah feedback.  After seeing this improvement, you will quickly see how much your team could improve their shooting.  As we discussed in an earlier blog post, only 1 out of 11 High School players are actually shooting the optimal arc and shot depth.

      Basketball Clinics Will Also Include:

  • Player Shooting Time on Noah
  • Noah Skill Levels
  • Arc Plots
  • Characteristics of a Great Shooter
  • Shot Distance
  • Shot Alignment
  • Finding Your Arc
  • Release Point
  • Muscle Memory Training
  • Video Analysis

basketball shooting


What If We Host the Basketball Clinic but Don’t Buy A System?

As we mentioned earlier in this blog, the Noah basketball clinics are NO OBLIGATION. If you host a clinic and still decide that Noah just isn’t for your team or you can’t afford it right now, no biggie. None the less your team will have learned to better understand their shot and what theyNoah Instant can do to improve it. Again, the clinic is FREE so your team will have gained this knowledge without a penny spent and we here at Noah will have gotten to work with another great team of players.  Also, by hosting a clinic your team will be entered in the WIN A NOAH contest.  We give away 2 free Noah systems per year and only the teams that host a free Shooting Clinic are entered in the drawing.  You really have nothing to lose by hosting a Noah Basketball Clinic, you will only gain!

Requesting Basketball Clinics with Noah.

Requesting your Noah Basketball Shooting Clinic is easy. Just follow the link to fill out the request form on our website. Once filled out a Noah Representative will contact you, answer any questions you may have, and work with you to schedule your clinic.  One way you can get your clinic scheduled faster is to help us locate other coaches in your area (within 100 miles or so) that would also be interested in a clinic. This allows us to schedule clinics on consecutive nights in a particular area, which allows us to schedule your clinic faster!

If you have any questions regarding the Noah Basketball or about the basketball clinics feel free to Contact Us through our website or by calling us at 1-888-TRY NOAH. If you are ready to get your clinic scheduled follow this link to reach our Clinic Request Form.

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you on the court soon!




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