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The Importance of Basketball Drills

Basketball shooting drills can tremendously help in personal and team development. Going through rigorous and sometime tedious basketball drills can help develop muscle memory, fundamentals, team work, trust and reflexes. Participating in these basketball drill routines are fantastic warm-ups, allowing players to loosen up and get a feel for the ball prior to games, avoiding stiff muscles and decreasing the chance of injuries.

Basketball drills can range from simple chest passes to difficult simulations that require multiple players to work on in-game techniques.  A successful basketball drill should always emphasize and concentrate on refining a player’s fundamentals such as shooting, passing, dribbling and other ball handling skills. If a team does not have a handle on their fundamentals they will lack essential ingredients to making a great team.  To continue to improve your team or your own basketball game you must always work on the basics and continue adding more difficult drills as you progress. From defensive drills to offensive drills, basketball drills can help any player’s game and smooth the edges of your team until they are a fine oiled machine.

Basketball Shooting Drills with Noah Basketball

Integrating Noah Basketball Shooting Aids into your current practices and basketball drills can help player’s better uBasketball Shooting Drillsnderstand their shooting arc and their overall shot. Consistently practicing proper technique can improve basketball shooting, but if the player does not fully understand their own shot and the dynamics behind it they will only be practicing and repeating the same incorrect shot. This is where running your basketball shooting drills with Noah’s feedback can tremendously help improve your team’s shooting.

As players run through the drills and listen to the instant feedback they can adapt their shot in that instant. The feedback lets them know they are shooting with an arc that is too high or too low. They then can alter their shot accordingly until they reach that perfect 45 degree shooting arc. As they repeat these drills while listening to the feedback their muscles will begin to remember the movements of the correct shot. The feedback will also keep players from returning to their old ways by giving them instant notification of their shooting arc. Players will aim for that perfect 45 degree arc with every shot taken. This will build the correct muscle memory needed to shoot a perfect median arc. Your team will begin to shoot more efficiently, accurately and with overall more confidence.

Basketball Drills the Noah Way:

Basketball Shooting AidsFollow the links to see and watch drills that are being used by basketball teams that incorporate the Noah Shooting system. Noah Basketball Drills are designed to help players achieve solid straight ahead shots by teaching your players the importance of shot control, shooting arc and shooting depth.  Noah Basketball Shooting Drills achieve this by giving players instant feedback on every shot, giving them the ability to adapt their shot to the feedback. Once they have adapted their shot to the correct arc and depth they can then run the drills while listening to the feedback thus building muscle memory and honing their shooting skills to perfection.

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